Silver Héméra Nue Earrings

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Les Voluptueuses: three divinities. Calista (Spirit of perfection), Hemera (Goddess of the Earthly Light) & Apheleia (Spirit of simplicity), sublimate the skin. The curves gently reveal the brilliance of the Silver Héméra Nue Earrings and allow the jewel to dance delicately near the skin.

The simplicity of the line echoes the previous collections, while the jewel becomes remarkable for its volume. They will complement any outfit, from casual to formal, from day to night. 

  • Material: Silver

We can plate the Silver Héméra Nue Earrings in rose gold at the same rate as the yellow gold-plated earrings, just allow 4 weeks delivery. We can also make them in 18 carat yellow, rose or white gold.

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