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Taking a break at Venice Beach

Here at Venice Beach, it is summer all year !
This place is the incarnation of the Californian way of life as we imagine it.
I spent a few days in this place where time stands still and the atmosphere is always joyful and lively.
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Established in 1905 as a beach resort, Venice Beach has evolved into a fashionable, cultural and artistic mecca just a short drive from downtown Los Angeles.
When strolling in Venice, you will want to go shopping: from farmers markets and grocery stores to boutiques and outlet malls, there's something for everyone. This city attracts talents of all kinds and also gathers many artisanal shops where you can find unique pieces and inspiration. 
On Abbot Kinney Avenue, you will find very trendy shops which nevertheless keep a little of this casual and carefree attitude of the Californian beach town. You will find chic fashion boutiques, but also thrift shops and beachwear. Stores of design or offbeat decoration. 
There are also lots of cafes, restaurants or bars to take a break after a long walk along the beach, from the chic establishment to the neighborhood bakery and the vegan and militant caterer.
If you ever go to Venice Beach, my advice is that you make a stop at the Great White café ! This cosy and typical place makes the best breakfeasts and lunches. If you are looking for a relaxing yet creative energy, this is the place.

Here are some pics of my jewels with our amazing drinks ;)
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Pictures by @gkayacan /

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